The world is quite strange and entirely different for people willing to learn about different nations. The same scenario goes for the British or American People when they try to observe the wedding traditions of each other. Both of the nations have got some massive differences that amaze the other party. But you might be thinking, what are those differences? Well, that is what I am going to tell you in this article!

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The actual differences between UK and US weddings!

Well, we are finally here where we can discuss the differences between UK and US weddings!

Food and Drinks

One thing to note here is that drinks and cakes are pretty common in both of the countries, but the actual difference arrives in their type. In the United States, cakes are usually served in pretty much every flavour so that the guests can choose any flavour they want. But when it comes to British weddings, the cake is usually fruit cake that many people would not want to touch.

Other than that, in the United States, cocktails are being served before the dinner so that the guests can enjoy the event with some classic drinks. But in the United Kingdom, only non-alcoholic drinks are offered before the dinner, which might not be very interesting and exciting for the guest.

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The dressing

One crazy thing about UK weddings is that the women have to wear a hat in order to make them even more fancy and luxurious. But in the United States, guest women are free to choose what to wear as per their choices. Not only that, but the bridesmaids also wear white, just like the bride herself in the UK, while Americans prefer to go with another colour to highlight the bride.

The groom reaction

Oh, yes, that romantic reaction of the groom, when he sees her bride, is really wholesome, but well, it does not happen in the UK. In the US, grooms usually turn towards the bride and see her walk the whole path to the stage or the altar until she has reached. But in the UK, the groom usually faces away from the bride until she has reached the altar herself.

Well, it is customary according to the British people, and you cannot do anything about it.

The conclusion

There are many other differences too between the weddings of the UK and US, but these three are the ones that are actually exciting and can make a big difference. So prepare accordingly, and you will indeed have a great day when the special day finally arrives.