If you’ve been imagining your wedding gown since you were seven years old and know just everything you want down to the last sequin.

We’ve got you covered on how to pick a wedding dress, whether you’ve never talked about it before your potential spouse’s mother nagged, “You haven’t had your gown.”

Finding your life mate and the best gown for your big day are the first steps toward having the perfect wedding.

You’ve found your life mate, so all that remains is for you to dive into the realm of bridal wear and select the outfit to complete your fairytale celebration.

Brides today are fortunate to have a myriad of wedding gown styles from which to pick.

All depending on their preferences, silhouettes, and financial constraints.

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However, having too many choices will make it difficult to make a decision.

With that, consider the following factors, which can make your decision-making process simpler.


1.  Start your wedding gown search early.

Allow yourself plenty of time to look for the right dress and consider what to settle for.

Designer dresses should always be ordered six to nine months ahead of time to allow for shipment and modifications.

It can take much longer if you choose to tailor your dress by adding beading or lace or changing the neckline or train, so prepare accordingly.

2.  Consider your location.

Knowing where and where your wedding will take place will help you narrow down your quest.

Can you have your wedding on the beach during the day?

Ball gowns with long trains and lavish ornamentation are gone.

Vows exchanged in a candlelit cathedral? Avoid short slip skirts and everything that seems to be appropriate for a dinner party.

Many fabrics are accepted all year, but others, such as linen and organdy, are more suited to warm weather.

While velvet and brocade are better reserved for the colder months.

3.  Avoid dresses beyond your budget.

If the sky is the limit when it comes to finding your wedding gown, go for it!

Test it all out!

If not, though, putting on a dress that is way out of the price range isn’t such a good idea.

First and foremost, you will be torturing yourself.

Second, after you’ve tried on the ultra-luxurious, anything else will bear little resemblance.

In short, if you cannot afford a particular wedding gown, there is no point in putting it on.

Also, be cautious! Any bridal shop will use this tactic to attempt to get you to choose a more costly gown.

Set your bridal gown budget before you go shopping, as well as being consistent with the shop before you arrive, would help keep things on track.

4.  Do extensive research

It’s not every day that you come across words like basque waist or Watteau train, or that you have to distinguish between three shades of white.

Examine bridal magazines, books, and blogs to read about colors, silhouettes, and the lexicon so you can properly communicate what you want.

Create a folder with images of dresses or descriptions that cater to you and bring them with you when you go shopping.

5.  Try a little bit of everything.

They say you must kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince, the same would be true for wedding gowns.

Unless you’re very fortunate, you’ll have to put on a lot of wedding gowns before finding one that suits you well and tickles your fancy the most.

Perseverance is the most critical quality to possess when looking for a wedding gown.

It wouldn’t hurt to have the assistance of someone with a sharp sense of style.

It can take several shopping trips spread out over a few days to find yours, so stay cool and try on!


Choosing a wedding gown is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most brides.

Your wedding gown sets the mood for the day and reflects your attitude and style.

Start looking for your wedding gown early and budget accordingly.

I would like to wish you all the best not only in your quest for the right wedding dress, as well as on your wedding day.

It’s a huge jump, to be sure, and it will change your life.

I just hope that your special day is genuinely memorable and that you look just as you imagined you would when you were seven years old, no matter what dress you wear!