The celebrations are over, the crowds are gone, and finally, it is time to get alone; honeymoon. Regarded as an obligatory escapade by many, honeymoons can be best described as a wedding gift, from the newlyweds to themselves.

Ideally, the
couple visits their favorite holiday destination and gets to create their first
post-nuptial memories extraordinarily. Furthermore, the somewhat brief holiday
is a great way to reflect on the wedding events and spend some time away from
the noise.


It is true; every
newlywed couple wants a honeymoon, but how do they choose from the innumerable honeymoon destinations available? Venice? Seychelles? Walt Disney World? Paris?
The Maldives? Santorini? Or a nearby resort? The list of great destinations is

However, it is
advised that couples consider their budget, and a few other things before
deciding on a honeymoon destination. Other things to consider include:



you want as a couple

of your honeymoon


In all of this, we
believe it may be best for you and your spouse to choose a relatively nearby
destination for your honeymoon. Below, we will be providing you with some of
the reasons why you shouldn’t travel too far for your honeymoon.


The farther you
voyage, the heftier your expenses. It sounds as simple as that, except that it
isn’t. You may want that dream trip to the Maldives or Santorini, and by all
means, if you can afford to undertake the journey, do so.

However, it would
be best to consider flight ticket prices, hotel accommodation in your host
country, in-country transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Studies have also
shown that newlyweds tend to spend a lot on local artifacts, clothing,
delicacies, and tourism when they are far away from home. We do not condemn
this. But if you want to relish some alone time and save money simultaneously,
you may want to look into nearby locations.


Many people suffer
from disorders that make it extremely difficult for them to embark on long
flights. Airsickness can make
you develop cold sweats, nausea, vertigo, fatigue, and drowsiness. It would be
sad to experience this on your flight to your honeymoon destination.

The link between
farther destinations and airsickness is evident. If you develop symptoms, you
may have to suffer for longer. So, we advise that you choose a nearby
destination if you or your spouse have experienced airsickness in the past or
are susceptible to it.

Also, some parts of
the world, although beautiful and exotic, battle endemic diseases. While the
local population might have developed some immunity to these diseases, you
haven’t. This reason makes it essential that you prepare well, or opt for a
nearby, familiar clime. 


The farther a
location is, the harder it may be for you to determine how safe it will be for
you and your spouse. There are horrific stories of people getting abducted or mugged while on a honeymoon destination. You should
avoid this by sticking to an area you are familiar with. A wedding is a lot of
work on its own already, and having to check for your honeymoon destination’s
safety adds to the stress—more reason you may want to consider a not too far
away location.

We wish you true
marital bliss. Our wedding gift to you is our helpful advice. We want you to
make the best memories, even while saving costs and doing what is best for your
health and safety.