Oil And Mining Firms Must Disclose Payments To Foreign Governments, S.E.C. Says

Oil And MiningFind out how we are partnering with industry to boost consciousness of the applying problems with IFRS in the mining and oil and gas industries.

Confidential micro data: Based on ยง 2-four of the Statistics Act, collected knowledge are subject to secrecy and are to be kept or destroyed in a secure method. Any use of the data have to be in accordance with the rules set out by the Knowledge Inspectorate.

For example, in Alberta, the oil sands have been producing an enormous and growing legacy of tailings ponds. These ponds contain leftover toxic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, water and sand. They now cowl an space larger than the preamalgamation city of Toronto and Vancouver mixed and are rising at a fee of 25 million litres a day.

On a quarterly basis, each statistics provide figures for precise investments made within the previous quarter, in addition to up to date annual estimates for the present and the subsequent yr. However, the 2 statistics are fairly different with regards to the gathering of data and within the system construct-up. In the statistics on oil and gas actions all active enterprise are included within the statistical pattern; in different phrases the sample is an identical to the population. Statistics on investments in manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electrical energy provide (KIS), however, relies on sample of the population.

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