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The Pros and Cons of Coal Mining

When it comes to mining, it can be a divisive issue. On the one hand, it is presently a vital industry, as it produces coal, an ingredient that is essential to our current electricity infrastructure. On the other hand, the burning of coal for power is a major factor of pollution and, more importantly, climate change. However, as previously mentioned, it is essential to our current way of life, and so “the show must go on.” Another divisive aspect of mining is the element of danger that this job poses to those working the mines. Mines can cave in, killing, injuring, or trapping miners, for example, and working in a coal mine long term has severe effects on the lungs, hence the term “black lung.” Coal mining, however, is the life blood of certain rural areas of the United States, such as my home state of West Virginia. My dad … Read More

Oil And Gas Exploration Techniques

Oil and gas exploration, or commonly called as hydrocarbon explorations is the term used by geologists to look for oil and natural gas. The exploration allows oil and mining companies to harvest natural gas and hydrocarbons from different parts of the earth. Drilling is expensive and as such hydrocarbon explorations are done to identify possible areas which contain these deposits while limiting cost and reducing its impact on the environment.

Hydrocarbon Exploration

Before a drill location is identified, geologists must evaluate the area and ensure that five factors are present – source rock, reservoir, migration, trap and seal or cap rock. As explorations are expensive and costly, these factors must be present before any drilling is done. Once the factors are considered, geologists employ several techniques to ensure the success of the drilling. The first methodology involves geophysical survey or seismic survey. This process includes the measurement of electrical currents, … Read More